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This is ChiuYau’s Blog ( ENGLISH ), this is Chiu Yau, which is also the admin of chiuyau.com.

I post my

Thoughts, stories and ideas

here, to share and make greater community and better world.

Besides, I made lots of tools for domainers, technicians, coder & programmer, more better explore, domaining, coding and investing experience. Tools, such as:

Anyone on the inter.NET has the rights to comment, and join variety community, events and use tools on ChiuYau.com ( included *.chiuyau.com )or any others tools provided and is go public*1a by ChiuYau. However, any content ( Including but not limited to comments, etc. ) that is identified as “Malicious”, is prohibited. To enjoy ChiuYau.com, must follow the rules. “No Freedom Without Constraints” — Yau Chiu

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There should be more content but there’s not.

More content is adding, under construction.

If you think your ability may help Yau, please contact Yau by the Root.

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